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to Sherrod Chiropractic, PLC. If you are looking for relief from chronic pain, searching for a way to eliminate aches and pains of daily life, or just trying to become healthier -then stop by and talk to us about how we can help. I think you will find Sherrod Chiropractic is different from other doctors' offices. We provide first-class health care through natural chiropractic treatments. Multiple state-of-the-art therapies are utilized to get you back on track living life without aches and pains. All of this at some the best rates in the area to keep you from feeling even more stress during this economic "lull". We are passionate at Sherrod Chiropractic about your wellness whether it is headaches/migraines, back pain, neck pain, arm/leg pain, fibromyalgia or other problems. Once you are out of pain we will help you stay that way without a lifelong financial commitment to our services. Everyone would like to have treatment from a doctor they trust and know is looking out for their best interests, and that is who we strive to be.

New Patient Offer

We are accepting New Patients and want to extend a Special Offer. A FREE Consultation can be made with Dr. Sherrod to discuss whether Chiropractic is right for you. In this face-to-face session with the Doctor you are given something very rare in today's world... time. During the consultation you are encouraged to ask questions and talk about your pain, concerns, and potential health goals.

Alternative Payment Option

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