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“Adjusting Dirty Dishes”

“Adjusting Dirty Dishes”

Neglect a pile of dirty dishes and before you know it, you have a lot of tough scrubbing on your hands.  Dried sauce turns to cement, bits of leftover veggies and pasta harden like asphalt.  The longer you wait to wash them, the harder they are to get clean.

Similarly, the longer you wait to adjust your spine, the harder it is to get ‘clean.’  Minor fixations from daily stress become chronic subluxations. Chronic sublux ations lead to degenerative changes and arthritis, some of which you’ll never scrub off — leaving y our spine and health more tarnished after every use.

The solution: stay regular with your Chiropractic care, and you’ll wash up easily after Life’s daily grind.  Wait too long between adjustments and don’t be surprised if your spine needs more elbow grease (in frequency of visits, length of time and/or degree of effort) to get crystal clean again.