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X Games 16: Sky’s the limit for Caples

by rodrez on Aug 2, 2010

Curren Caples competed at Skate Park against men twice his age, making him one of the unique stories at X Games 16 in Los Angeles.

Curren Caples isn’t exactly your average young teen. Sure, he lives to surf and skate, probably argues with his parents over what time to go to bed, and is most likely counting down the days to when he can drive legally, but beyond that, Caples is anything but average. Born and currently residing in the surfing hotspot of Ventura, California, if the name wasn’t considered ‘household’ before, his recent televised performance may in fact change that.

No stranger to going up against much older and more experienced competition, Caples relied on a mix of vert skills combined with an uncanny ability to generate speed en route to dropping some seriously technical bombs during his multiple runs. In July 2010, the number five seemed to be his lucky number as he placed fifth at the Skateboard Park eliminations in a gutsy, awe-inspiring performance that sent droves of instant fans on an internet scramble – resulting in a number five search on Google trends.

If you dig deep enough, you can find his incredibly lengthy amateur skate competition history online. Part of his motivation to do well in a contest may stem from his surfboard habit – one that he’s had no problem satisfying as he works his way up through the amateur ranks. Home schooling helps give the youngster sufficient practice time for both surf and skate. His father Evan, once a pro surfer, now teaches the sport to others, and no doubt had a hand in naming his son after a certain legendary surfer by the name of Pat – Pat Curren, that is.

Beyond overcoming the obvious age and experience obstacles associated with competing at such a high level, Caples has also struggled with a nagging physical ailment, one that he’s confident has been overcome. A victim of massive migraines, his family turned to chiropractic treatments in order to help curb the headaches that were so intense that they sometimes caused vomiting, and essentially required bed rest to recover. Now on a regular regiment of chiropractic back- and neck-adjusting visits, the migraines have subsided, and Caples can turn his attention back to his talents full-time.

With unlimited potential, a good head on his shoulders and one of the most memorable performances of X Games 16, the sky is the limit for Curren Caples.