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Holiday Survival

Preparing for Thanksgiving can be a hectic time, and until we flip the calendar over to a new year, the chaos just doesn’t let up. Since the added demands of this season can stress our bodies to capacity, we need to do everything we can to avoid letting the holiday rush get the best of us. Consider the following tips to help keep you and your loved ones healthy, happy and safe this season.

* Wear shoes with plenty of cushioning in the soles to absorb the impact of walking on those hard shopping mall floors.
* Wear layers because you may be going from a cold environment outside to a warm environment inside.
* Instead of lugging around a heavy purse, carry a light backpack or fanny pack with only those items that are absolutely essential.
* Take frequent breaks, but skip the designer coffee at the java stand and drink water instead.
* If at all possible, leave your children at home.
* Do not wrap packages while sitting on a hard floor. Instead, vary your position from standing at a countertop to sitting on a bed or comfortable chair.