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Clean is Green

Clean is Green

What is the grimiest spot in your office? Not the toilet seat for sure! The grimiest spot is actually a three-way tie between your computer keyboard, the telephone handset and every light switch on the office wall.

Advances in cleaning solutions, tools and methods make cleaning jobs easier and green. Here are a few of the best solutions to get rid of our germy problems:

Clean as you go
When we let messes accumulate all week and then do the big warrior cleaning assault on Saturday, the job will be twice as hard, take twice the time and consume more resources. Cleaning as you go will not only save time, but it will save on chemicals, water and electricity use.

Prevent clutter
Seasoned experts claim that 40 percent of home and office care cleaning results from simply too much junk, litter and clutter around the place and under our feet. De-clutter your space by getting rid of old magazines, knickknacks perched on counters, pens that don’t work, computer manuals that are extinct and extra phone books and phones.

Get rid of dirt at the door
It is estimated that 80 percent of the dirt you sweep, dust or vacuum out of your home or office comes in through the entrance. Well-placed mats inside and outside every entrance are a small investment with wonderful returns.

Make cleaning convenient
To keep things in top shape, we need to have cleaning supplies ready to go. Just as we put our necklaces and earrings into jewelry boxes, tools into chests and money into wallets, we should invest in a versatile plastic carry caddy to store and organize our basic cleaning supplies.